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This means once your MadDeal voucher has been validated (which occurs when this Urban Astrologer MadDeal deal closes, I will be ready to begin working on your astrology chart(s). First, a few notes on some things.

First Time Clients

Astrology has many benefits! You have decided on taking this opportunity to obtain your personalized astrological package and it is a great choice!. You are guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Using astrology to understand yourself better is both exciting and fun. Beyond that, it really does help you in your life .

Do Something Extraordinary

Whether you received this as a gift or gave it to yourself as a gift - you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary. Use these wisdom-filled charts as your personal tools on your road to success. .

Birth Time Accuracy

The more accurate the birth time the more accurate the results received through astrology. If a birth time is unknown the time of 12 noon is used for a birth time. This midday approach is used because it can give the best results for you.

Questions and support

I am a full time astrologer and have been working with astrology for over 30 years. So you are not dealing with some anonymous computer system here. I appreciate my clients for helping me do what I love. My intention is always to provide you with the best service I can and to provide you with tools that will help you on your journey in this lifetime.

Thank you! From the Urban Astrologer. now has thousands of readers each month. I'd like to express a sincere 'Thank you!' to all my new and repeat clients who have made this possible.

So there you have it. I am inviting you to join us below if you too would also like to receive star filled updates and specials to help you navigate your world.




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