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The Story Of How Powerful Astrology Can Be

It all started more than thirty years ago in an old historical building on St. Clair Avenue in downtown Toronto, Canada.

About Urban Astrologer

My father was the first to experience an astrological reading in my family and his fascination enticed me to have it done for myself.

I remember the day I went to that old building which housed the Institute for Astrological Studies.

Wandering up those creaky stairs and sitting myself down in front of a professional astrologer.

It was an unforgettable experience taking in the knowledge and insight that this astrologer provided.

I just had to know and understand how she could peer into my universe and just understand me, know about some of the recent upheavals in my life and seem to have some lucid insight into my future.

She didn't have me at hello, but it only took about ten minutes into the consultation before I was hooked.

As a result I decided at the end of the session to register for the four year program offered at the Institute.

How A Horoscope Chart Can Change A Life...

Four years of intense study and with one astrology profile after another my interest intensified. My knowledge grew through the process and my passion never wavered. Having my horoscope chart done had changed my life.

The final day and a final exam. A different individual's horoscope chart is handed out to each student in the class and they are provided one hour of time to 'read' the chart and make notes based on their acquired knowledge of astrology. Each student must then sit in front of a panel of three professional people and give an overview of the strong points in the horoscope chart.

The horoscope chart I was given provided the birth date and gender. The rest was up to me.

A very brief version of the reading was that the individual had a strong focus in areas indicating a medical career, however there were also indicators pointing to education. My thoughts were that this individual could be a Medical Doctor but with such a strong focus in education represented in his horoscope chart - well that perhaps he could be a Professor. The real life situation was that this man was a Professor of Medicine.

Also, it was necessary to point out that there was an unusually strong indication of music ability in the horoscope chart as well and for that reason it would have to show up in his life somehow. I was told that this man's hobby was music and he played in a piano bar whenever he could.

I graduated with honours.

So Do You Have Choices In Life

Often a question I get asked is about our power to make choices in our life. Having a horoscope chart or astrology profile done for you simply gives you a life roadmap.

It can best be described as a personal navigational tool. Sort of like having a bird's eye view of your world. Showing you both strengths and the areas you could work to be a better person. Times in your life where you will find things just flow and times when you may have the weather a storm. The directions you take in your life are totally up to you.

How many times have you made a decision in your life that was pivotal in the way the next chapter of your life rolled out? I have always found that astrology helps us to be armed with insight and a greater perspective on situation or life event.

Working With Clients Throughout The World

As a lifelong learner, I have always enjoyed the learning process throughout my years of traditional study - psychology and education at the University of Calgary. Nothing, however, ever came close to the unique education I had received in astrology.

Based in Calgary, I work with clients across Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. In addition, I have taught astrology, written newspaper and magazine columns and hosted radio programs on astrology.

So What Does This Mean For You?

You can rest easy knowing that you have the opportunity to discover what Astrology can do for you from a reliable source, the Urban Astrologer. Most importantly you have choices. You can visit and read more about horoscopes, astrology, different types of astrology and how it can work for you. Your feedback is always welcome on how the information provided here can bet better.

So there you have it. I am inviting you to join me below if you too would also like to receive star filled updates and specials to help you navigate your world.


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I do hope to have the opportunity to help you discover your world and pathways into the future. This site is always growing and evolving with more information so please do come back and visit.

All the best


The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

- William James

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