Sun Signs and You

Sun's Traits Expressed In A Steady Direct Manner

Sun Signs. Does your Sun Sign description fit you? Not sure how it all works. Is it really relevant and how can astrology possibly influence your day to day life?

A great variety of the information out there has led many people to believe the position of the Sun in a horoscope is all that is needed to accurately assess someone's personality.

If this were true, there would only be 12 different types of people in the world.

Many personality traits described in astrology books may be correct in a general sense. However, there are many more areas to consider before we can realize the full potential of an individual.

The same planets, and thus the same influences, are present in everyone's chart. In any horoscope chart, the more planets we find in any one of the signs, the stronger the specific personality traits will show up in the individual.

An individual may only have the Sun located in one Zodiac sign whereas a number of planets may be found in another Zodiac sign. The influence of the Sun will show through, however, the influences of a number of planets in another zodiac sign will be very dominant and shine through in their personality characteristics.

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Sun Signs - One Thread In A Rich Tapestry

As each individual matures, the planets change their positions in the Zodiac and therefore move into new relationships to each other and to their positions in the birth horoscope.

Daily writings on Sun Signs found in newspapers once again, provide a general perspective only. They can be likened to one thread woven throughout a tapestry. They are part of the whole but only one element of it. You have to go beyond Sun Signs to truly get the all of it.

Each person's changing circumstances, periods of restriction or of opportunity, and periods of change and stability are established by using planetary information to analyze future trends for them.

Sun Signs - Resonating With Your General Energy

Sun In Aries

The symbol Aries, the Ram, represents the first thirty degrees of the ecliptic or Zodiac Circle, starting from the point of the Vernal Equinox, which marks the beginning of the Solar Year. You can read more about the potential personality traits of someone born with the Sun in Aries here.

Sun in Taurus

The sign Taurus, the Bull, occupying the second thirty degree section of the Zodiac, may have been the first constellation to have been symbolized and named, since in very ancient astrology the Bull marked the vernal equinox and indicated the beginning of the year. You can read about some of the best known personality traits of people who have the Sun in Taurus here.

Sun in Gemini

Read more about the The Sun in Gemini here. This sign occurs each year from May 21 to June 21 (approximately). The third sign of the zodiac, - Gemini, the Twins- first appeared in the fables of Greek Mythology. The pictorial representations of Gemini nearly always contain two human figures, which indicates the duality of the sign.

Sun in Cancer

You can read more about this Sun sign by clicking on The Sun in Cancer . This occurs each year from June 21 to July 21 (approximately). The personality traits represented by the sign of Cancer are perhaps the most difficult to understand and to describe. There is both a positive and a negative side to this sign.

Sun in Leo

Each year from July 21 to Aug. 21 (approximately) the Sun is in Leo. Proud, colorful people you can read more about them by clicking here Sun is in Leo.

Sun in Virgo

You can read more about this sign by clicking here on Sun in Virgo . These people are noted for their down to earth practicality and their appetite for detail. They are born from August 21 to September 21 (approximately).

Sun in Libra

You can read more about this sign by clicking here on the Sun in Libra . This placement occurs each year from September 21 to October 21 (approximately). The seventh sign of the zodiac - Libra, the Scales - is astrologically referred to as one of the law signs.

Sun in Scorpio

Click here to ead more about individuals with the Sun in Scorpio . They are born each year from October 21 to November 21 (approximately). Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and the pictorial representation is usually that of a scorpion.

Sun in Sagittarius

You will find out more here about the Sun in Sagittarius . This sign arrives each year form November 21 to December 21 (approximately). The ninth sign of the zodiac - Sagittarius, the archer - is referred to as being a dual sign. This means that both the desirable as well as the undesirable traits may be present in the same person.

Sun in Capricorn

Each year from December 21 to January 21 (approximately) is when you will find people born with this sign. To read more click here on the Sun is in Capricorn. The tenth sign of the zodiac - Capricorn, the Goat - is astrologically referred to as one of the earth signs.

Sun in Aquarius

Progressive - thinking individuals. Read more in depth about them by clicking here on the Sun in Aquarius occurs each year from January 21 to February 21 (approximately).

Sun in Pisces

More about those those born with this planetary placement can be found by clicking here on The Sun in Pisces . This planetary placement occurs each year from February 21 to March 21 (approximately). The 12th sign of the Zodiac - Pisces, the two fish - is referred to as being a dual sign. This means that both the desirable, as well as the undesirable traits may be present in the same person.


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