Horoscope Signs
Understanding Your Celestial DNA

The most powerful energies in your birth chart are found in the horoscope signs that your sun, moon and ascendant are found in.

Horoscope Signs Zodiac Energies and Your Horoscope Signs
Your Celestial DNA

Understanding these powerful zodiac energies can be thought of as your gaining insight into your life purpose through your celestial DNA.

They offer you your own unique set of navigational tools.

They provide a guiding light - an unwavering focus - an inner GPS - guiding you through the pathways in your life journey.

So in what ever way you start to examine or explore astrology - this is where you should start.

First, here you can find an overview of the sun, moon and ascendant to help you understand why they are so important in your birth chart.

Then you can move on to other pages on this web site that will give you more detail about each of them. Please check out the Astro Reports section if want to order a personalized in depth report based on your specific birth data.

Your Sun Sign - Represents Your Life Force
Your Core Life Vitality

The sun is considered the core essence of who you are. Your life purpose - your soul purpose and inner will are represented by the energies of the Sun and the zodiac sign that it falls within.

Your sun sign is the major player on the stage in your life story.

Where your sun is located within the birth chart (house) illuminates the area of life where your potential shines.

Here you can develop the consciousness to align your self with your life purpose and begin the integration with the rest of the celestial players in your birth chart.

The universe is the stage upon which you dance,
guided by your heart.
~Yogi Bhajan

Your Moon Sign - Represents Nurturing and Change
It is the Emotional Part of Your Being

The moon is the emotional part of your being and plays a major supporting role on the stage in your life story.

It is very important for you to merge the energies of the moon sign and integrate them with the energies of your sun sign.

The sign that the moon resides in within your birth chart colors your experiences and your emotional responses. Knowing that the two most important horoscope signs in your birth chart are your sun sign and your moon sign and helping them to work in unison will help you in any endeavor.

Using the monthly cycles of the moon can assist in making the most of the positive times to go for the gusto and those times you should lay back and go with the flow.

The sun indicates strength and life,
while the moon indicates change...
~Edgar Cayce

Your Ascendant Sign
All The World's A Stage

Your ascendant sign - this is your mask to the world - how you dawn on those you interact with and how your energy first presents itself to them.

Each actor - whether it be the sun, the moon or another celestial planet - plays a role on the stage of your life story.

The ascendant sign is responsible for how it all comes together on the stage of your life story and displays your interpretation to the audience in your world.

Perhaps the ascendant sign can be thought of as the director, the costumes, the lighting and the setting all rolled up into one package.

It is the filter and it is how you portray who you are. And that is it - simply a portrayal - as it is the outer you, the face you show to the world and your awareness of the world that surrounds you.

The strongest power in the destiny of man is the Sun, first; the closer planets, or those that are coming in ascendancy at the time of birth of the individual...
~Edgar Cayce

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