Signs of Zodiac - Key To Looks

Many Physical Qualities Indicated By Sun and Moon

Signs of Zodiac. Did you know that your physical appearance may be influenced by the different astrological elements?

The signs of the zodiac tend to indicate an individual's physical appearance and personal mannerisms. Many physical qualities are indicated by the placement of the Sun and the Moon in an individual's birth chart.

If an individual has a number of planets in one zodiac sign this will often suggest certain characteristics, as will their ascending zodiac sign.

The following are brief descriptions of the influence of the zodiac signs on an individual's physical appearance. However a variety of astrological influences in their birth chart may modify these descriptions.

Aries: These individuals are often well proportioned with very symmetrical facial features. A strong Arian influence suggests these people tend to be tall and often slender.

Taurus: These individuals often possess a solid type of body with large bone structure. The Taurean influence indicates facial features with high cheekbones and square hairline.

Gemini: Tends to have a fine boned body structure with long fingers. They are often youthful in appearance, and possess inquisitive eyes..

Cancer: Can be very similar to those with a Taurean influence. However, they usually possess soft facial features and may be small in stature.

Leo: Individuals often have lots of thick coarse hari. They tend to have large eyes with a forceful, direct look. Their appearance is usually dramatic.

Virgo: Similar to Geminians in that they often possess a fine bone structure. They are usually health conscious and often retain a very youthful appearance.

Libra: Often have the same symmetrical features as the Arians. They tend to be well proportioned and often possess an air of refinement.

Scorpio: Tend to have intense eyes which often have a penetrating effect. Physical appearances may come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sagittarius: These individuals tend to be tall and have an air of adventure about them. They usually have good posture and have a look of being in control of themselves.

Capricorn: These people tend to be conservative looking and possess a serious and reserved type of expression. They may be tall and slim with long arms and legs.

Aquarius: Prominent eyes that are bright and distinctive. They usually possess a solid build and are often attractive.

Pisces: Large, round eyes with soft facial features. Their appearance often indicates a kind,sensitive and gentle nature.

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