Your Rising Sign or Ascendant

What People First Think of You

What is your rising sign and how does it relate to your horoscope chart?

When an individual's horoscope chart is constructed, there will be one of the signs of the Zodiac coming up over the east horizon

This is referred to as the ascendant or rising sign in the horoscope chart.

How Does This Sign Affect You?

This sign also known as the ascendant sign and it governs your basic character. It is very significant since every trait of character deduced from any other part of the horoscope chart, must be considered in relation to this ascending sign.

This is coupled with other planetary placements can, at times, almost completely overshadow your sun-sign.

Your Personal Ascendant

Astrology is an absorbing subject once we begin to understand the way it works.

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Planetary positions and patterns in a horoscope chart seem to influence people in specific ways.

For this reason it seems appropriate to regard the planets as spheres of energy that somehow influence our lives even though we cannot explain why or how this happens.

Planetary Influences Translated into Personality Traits

In any horoscope chart, the more planets we find in any one of the signs, the stronger specific personality traits will show up in the individual.

The same planets, and thus the same influences, are present in everyone's chart. The manner in which these influences are translated into personality traits is an intriguing procedure.

Also present in a horoscope chart are 12 sections, called houses, that are numbered from one to 12. Each house has a specific meaning that relates to an area in an individual's life.

The planet's position by sign and by house as well as the way in which the planets link up by aspects (specific angles) to each other is utilized in reading a horoscope chart.

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