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Types of Astrological Readings

Astrology Horoscopes are navigational tools to a path of fullfilment and happiness. A guide to getting the most out of your life.

Astrology Readings Finding Fulfillment & Happiness
Astrology Readings

Each of the following types of astrological readings can provide you with road maps to navigate your life that are specific to your needs at this time.

Types of Readings

Individual - Personal Astrological Readings

Relationships - Love, Business, Family and Friends

Career - Type of Work and where to work

Locality Astrology - Where here to travel, where to Wed,

where to live and where to retire.

A personal in-depth astrological analysis of your astrology chart and astrological cycles. Personal and confidential.

What's more... Astrology horoscopes can be drawn up for individuals, couples, families, children and businesses.

These are in-depth perspectives on your personal, emotional, psychological and developmental experience - your life potential. Innate experiences - both inner and outer - are always clearly seen in perspective through the natal horoscope.

Your Personal Astrology Reading
It's Like Turning On The Headlights In Your Life

Not sure where to go from here... this is like turning on the headlights in your life.

Your personal astrological reading will include areas of current concern in your life focusing on transits and progressions outlining timing and trends for the next year or so.

For Your Convenience

All consultations can be done By Phone or Skype Private & Confidential

This type of perspective on your personal overall 'big picture' - can provide insight to major decisions on personal development,career, schooling and the planning of milestone events.

These are explored in the context of your personal birth chart, astrological progressions and current astrological cycles. A reflection of where you are at and how to move forward from here can be looked at through the astrology horoscopes.

Astrological Mentoring Reading
For Periods Of Growth And Transition

The personal astrological mentoring process merges this ancient science with the knowledge of an experienced astrological professional to utilize this personal navigational map - your astrology horoscope.

Practical and positive mentoring can provide grounded support, structure and encouragement that offers a practical approach to reaching your goals, both personal and professional.

Positive Growth

Practical tools for perfect alignment with intentions and focus, goals and challenges. Mentoring requires a six month commitment.

This is a simple insightful way to identify aspects of your life where you would like to change and will provide the most benefit for you. Whether this be relative to career, relationships, your social life, self esteem and aspirations this is a powerful guidance system. This is especially beneficial through periods of change or transition.

Compatibility Consultation
How Do Those Important Relationships Impact You

What does compatibility mean for you?

We embrace both individual's natal astrology horoscopes - their individual birth charts. This involves the blending of two processes called synastry and composite charts. Here you will find the details about a more in depth, relationship astrological reading.

All About Your Relationships

Romance and Love, Business or Pleasure Friends and/or Family

In short... how those important relationships in your life impact you and your life. How can you make the most of them and gain a greater understanding of the different elements that help them to succeed.

Relocation Reading
Every Location Has Something To Offer You

relocational astrology Finding Your Place In The World

Take the guesswork out of choosing your best location is often a powerful factor for determining success.

Locality Astrology
Specific To You

Choosing your
Power Points,
Destiny Points
and Prosperity Points
throughout the world.

This area of astrology can impact your personal goals and lifestyle, relationships, and career. Knowing where to vacation... where to live... and where to retire.

Astrology horoscopes focusing on this area of astrology can provide some fascinating insight for you.

You can choose to have your initial personal astrological consultation done with the focus on the discussion on your life in the current location.

The cost is the same as the astrological consultation and you would just have to indicate this in advance. Then more of your consultation will go towards how where you are living now is reflecting on your life.

The second option is for those who are seriously considering a move and want to maximize their chance for success -- whatever it is they seek. This is a specialized Locational Reading and two most ideal regions of importance for you will be determined. It is inclusive of the personal astrological reading.

Travel Reading
Where To Go....When to Go....

Does it matter where you vacation and when you go. Absolutely! You can make a great vacation even better.

Travel With Meaning

What are those magical spots in the world for you?

Need to recharge those internal batteries quickly - where are your Power Points in the world?

Business Reading
Power Places for Career & Connections

Looking to do business with another location in the world.

Power Places for Business

Career and/or business dealing with another locale or someone from another locale.

You should be looking at the Prosperity Points throughout the world. Whether it be for business dealings or moving to a new location for Career this should definitely be explored.

Retirement Reading
Is There A Better Place - A Better Time

Retirement. Do you plan on staying where you are? Or do you plan on going for extended stays in another location.

Location Choices

Where do you want to retire and/or stay for extended periods of time?

What are your Power Points in the world? Health, wealth, energy, relationships, how we feel day to day... are all important to us. Where are your most important spots in the world?

Tailored to fit your needs, private reading and astrology horoscopes can provide direction and insight at this pivotal stage in your life. Make the next move - the right one!

Vision isn't enough, unless combined with venture. It's not enough to stare up the steps, unless we also step up the stairs.
-Vance Havner

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