When To Have A Consultation

When to have a consultation? This differs for everyone. Lots of people find astrology when they are going through some major changes in their life and are searching for answers.

Astrology offers a unique perspective and enables you to take charge of your life. It allows you to get a bird's eye perspective of what is happening on your journey through life.

I often say that it is like going to a new country. Wouldn't it be nice to have a guide book - something that shows you the pathways and routes that you can take. It doesn't dictate what you have to do -but it sure is nice to have a guide. Life is a journey and there is a map. Why not explore the opportunity to view the map and explore the terrain prior to making setting goals and making life changing decisions.

Timing is Everything

When to have a consultation? Once again a valuable offering of astrology comes in an understanding of the rhythm of life's unfolding patterns and cycles. If you are feeling stuck or confused, learn when the cycles will be impacting you and discover how to maximize your possibilities.

Major events happening in your life

  • crisis, stress, need for change or direction
  • in need of understanding and want a roadmap for navigating life
  • searching for meaning, passion and potential in life
  • ongoing stress is taking it's toll
  • want to know how to best transition from this chapter of life experience to the next


  • looking at a career change and want some insight as to the best time to do so
  • considering starting a new business and want to know where to begin

Relationships & Family

  • choose to delve into area of love, family, friends and/or business
  • in a new relationship and want to know it's potential
  • going through stressful times in a personal relationship and want some understanding
  • clarification and understanding of relationship of business relationship before entering into a business venture
  • thinking of sharing living space with new roommate and want to know how that will work out
  • traveling companions - will you be good partners in travel

Finding Your Place In The World

  • with an inclination to move - wanting to assess where the best places to go might be
  • travel plans - where to go and best times to go - for you...
  • entertaining the idea of doing some business with another geographic location - what would that look like in relation to success and you




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