Love Horoscopes

Love Compatibility and Relationship Compatibility

Love Horoscopes and love compatibility are among many other types of relationships use astrology to understand their unique connection to each other.

One method of understanding these horoscope charts in astrology is known as Synastry.

The name Synastry is derived from the Greek prefix syn (which means mutual bringing together) and the word astron (which means star).

Although the most common request for this type of relationship horoscope analysis is for love horoscopes, there are many other types of relationships that can benefit.

A few examples of where Synastry may be used include: the partnership between husband and wife; the relationship between partners in business, between employer and employee and between members of a family.

Understanding Relationship Horoscopes

The astrologer will first look at each person's horoscope to determine the individual characteristics. Theoretically, it is possible to assess astrologically, the type of relationship that might be established with any other individual provided his or her birth-time is known.

A detailed comparison of the horoscopes of two people can be done by the astrologer, who can then estimate the degree of compatibility between the individuals. An objective analysis is then derived from the integration of the two horoscopes and the compatibility potentials contained within them.

Compatibility of Prospective Partners

Quite often those individuals who ask an astrologer to make such a comparison between their own horoscope and that of another, do so because they are planning to get married. Perhaps the greatest value of Synastry lies in its ability to assess the compatibility of prospective partners in marriage.

Those initiated in the more intricate techniques of astrology may use Synastry at it's simplest level, through the comparison of Sun signs, however, most lasting partnerships and friendships, are not dependent upon the compatibility of the Sun signs alone. Having an in depth analysis provided is of life long benefit.

Explore Your Unique Relationship

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