Life Cycles - The Patterns Within Your Life

Life Cycles
Influencing The Chapters Of Our Lives

Life cycles and astrology. There is a correlation of the patterns of the universe and the patterns of our lives. We can gain a unique perspective of the phases, chapters and scenes that flow throughout our our lives through an understanding of these cycles.

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life cycles

I like to think about this like having the opportunity of working side by side with the universe - the heavenly playright who has the exclusive right to help with the story of our lives - scene by scene. Like actors on a stage we can work together with the universe and in unision we can create a work of art.

Knowing the structure of the play - and the scenes- we work together to create and script outcomes for the most happy and fulfilling lives.

How can we utilize these planetary cycles and align them with our personal energies to create successful and fulfilling lives. Many people are aware, to some extent, of the regular rhythmic intervals during which an event or a series of events may be expected to occur.

These types of intervals or patterns are referred to as cycles, and many elements of life are considered to be influenced by them.

The word cycle is derived from the ancient Green word 'kuklos', which when defined means circle. Astrology has for centuries, attempted to indicate the correlation between these circles or cycles and events on Earth.

A Deeper Meaning and Understanding
Of The Various Stages Or Chapters Of Life

The understanding of these cycles - or planetary transits gives an understanding of the deeper meaning of the various stages of life.

The most obvious cycle that has been understood since ancient times is that of the Moon. The cycle of the ocean's tides is just one area where the effects of the Moon may be evident.

Natural cycles such as the cycle of day and night, our heartbeat, brainwaves, and the rhythm of our breathing show that there is nothing as basic to human life and experience as the cycle.

Astrology uses the cycles of the planets to demonstrate the correspondence between planetary cycles and the emotions and behavior of each individual.

The study of personality development is often measured by the use of these astrological life cycles.

Progressed Moon and Transiting Saturn Cycles

The types of cycles most often studied in astrology are those of the progressed Moon and transiting Saturn. The cycles of both of these planets takes approximately 28 years.

Saturn takes this amount of time to go through all 12 signs of the zodiac and return to its original position a the time of the individual's birth.

The cycle of the progressed Moon operates on the principle of 'a day for a year.' It takes the Moon 28 days to go through all 12 signs, so the cycle of the progressed Moon is about 28 years.

These cycles, of the Moon and Saturn are completed by the approximate age of 28 years and are often characterized by a new sense of responsibility and maturity.

The Saturn cycles are of particular note as when the Saturn cycle presents itself and starts anew by returning to its natal position just before the 30th birthday. This is often a year of many choices and changes which reflect the major elements of one's life direction. Lifestyle choices, professional and/or business career decisions and re-evaluation of friends and associates as the individual moves forward in the next segment of life.

Uranus Cycles

The planetary cycle which is considered to have the most obvious effects on an individual's lifestyle is Uranus. It takes Uranus approximately 84 years to travel through all the signs of the zodiac and the effects are most evident around the age of 42 years.

During a life cycle this is when it opposes its original position at the time of birth, and is often characterized by the popular expression "life begins at 40."

Cycles of Neptune and Pluto

Changing trends in society in general are usually associated with the cycles of Neptune and Pluto.

Life cycles in an individual's birth chart can be looked at from both a global view and from a specific time frame view point providing a unique perspective. This provides a navigational tool to help plot your journey through this life time.


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