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The planet symbols are a representation of the celestial bodies in the horoscope chart. The word 'Horoscope' is derived from the latin word 'hora' (hour) and the greek word 'skopeein' (to view).

To cast a horoscope, means to draw a diagram of the position of the celestial bodies at a specific time. This can relate to your personal horoscope or it can also be used in relation to other specific moments or events in your life.

When your horoscope chart is constructed, there will be one of the signs of the Zodiac rising over the east horizon

This is referred to as the ascendant or rising sign in your horoscope chart.

The Planets, Astrology And You

celestial bodies Celestial Bodies

Astrology is a fascinating subject once you begin to understand the way it works.

Understanding the planet symbols and the planetary positions helps you to get some additional insight into your personal astrology.

The patterns in your horoscope chart will show up in very specific ways.

The best way for you to think of this is to regard the planets as spheres of energy that to influence our lives.

In any horoscope chart, the more planets we find in any one of the signs, the stronger the specific personality traits will show up in that individual.

The same planets, and thus the same influences, are present in everyone's chart.

The manner in which these influences are translated into personality traits an intriguing process.

In astrology, the planets are divided into three main groups:

The inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) are thought of as the personal planets.

Astrologically these personal planets represent our basic needs, desires and drives.

Jupiter and Saturn are considered the social planets.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are referred to as the transpersonal planets.

The signs of the zodiac are karmic patterns;
the planets are the looms;
the will is the weaver.
- Author Unknown

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