Planet Saturn

And Its Effects In Our Lives

Knowing when to move with the ebb and flow of the effects of the planet Saturn is crucial.

As we progress through the different cycles of our life it can make all the difference in our personal and business success.

This planet takes about 291/2 years to travel around the Zodiac and spends approximately 2/12 years in each sign.

planet saturn Planet Saturn Forecast
is all about your Discipline & Control

Astrologically, Saturn is often referred to as the "sower and the reaper."

It represents a disciplined influence which is often thought of as a personal challenge.

If Saturn's strength is used constructively it can provide you with the power to overcome difficulties and acquire skills, experience and success in all your endeavors.

This is the planet that compels you to move toward success in the area of life being influenced and feeling the effects of Saturn.

When it comes to locality astrology - also referred to as relocation astrology, this planet has very specific influences. The various parts of the world that reflect your Saturn destiny points can be looked at to understand that planet's focus on discipline, control and a continued awareness in your life.

How Does The Planet Saturn Affect You

The planet Saturn creates balance in it's own way. It makes you move forward, evolve and overcome obstacles in your life. It is a necessary stabilizer.

Saturn is all about organization, control and discipline either exercised by ourselves, or applied to us externally by some outside power. Your Personal Saturn Forecast is about how this planet figures in your natal birth chart and where we are forced to discipline ourselves.

What's the difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone? The way you approach it. - Anonymous

The Astrological Glyph for Saturn

Saturn planet Saturn Symbol

Saturn is the planet of restriction. Boundaries, tests, limitations. Manifestation. Hard work, responsibility.

It compels us to move forward toward success in those areas of our life that it is affecting.

As the it moves around the zodiac it passes over every area in your personal birth chart.

All these areas are facets of your evolving self. Different areas of your life come into focus and move out of focus.

The key is knowing how to work with the transits and cycles of Saturn because we do feel the the effects of it for a while since it is in a sign for about 2 1/2 years at a time.

It completes its first trip around the zodiac by the age of thirty and its second just before the age of sixty. This marks the beginnings of middle and old age. Understanding the transits of Saturn provides a sense of self awareness this is of benefit here. This is truly where Astrology excels at honing our sense of timing.

To understand the influences of the planet Saturn in your personal life can be life changing - especially if going through difficult times.

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