Moon Signs and You

Moon Sign Traits are not as Consistent
as Sun Sign Traits and are Emotional in Nature

Moon signs are considered the most important planetary position next to Sun sign in a birth chart. The characteristics of the sign the Moon occupies form an integral part of the personality.

The traits that are represented by the Sun's position in a horoscope chart will be expressed in a steady direct manner, whereas the same traits if represented by the Moon, will be expressed in a fluctuating emotional manner.

Moon Astrology Moon

This placement in a birth chart represents general emotional energy. Everyone has a certain amount of emotional energy which is expressed in a manner peculiar to their own personality and the Moon's placement helps reveal this mode of expression.

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The Moon Through The Zodiac Signs

The Moon in different signs of the Zodiac will suggest your immediate type of response to life's various situations.

Moon in Aries

The fluctuation influence of the Moon shows the Arian traits in an on/off fashion as well as in an emotional way. As with the Sun in Aries, they start a project with a great deal of enthusiasm. flourish and noise but these individuals soon run out of steam.

Moon in Taurus

People with this placement tend to be artistic, sensitive and very expressive. They are and affectionate but can be too possessive of beloved people.

Moon in Gemini

The Geminian personality has no problem at all with the fluctuating influence of this placement. They can change their feelings often and adapt to these changes rapidly.

Moon in Cancer

These people are kind, sensitive, overly sentimental, moody and changeable regarding their likes and dislikes.

Moon in Leo

Individuals who have this placement are dramatic passionate, their feelings are easily offended and they should be aware of the benefits of controlling the display of their emotions.

Moon in Virgo

These people are often very artistic, sensitive and must be careful not to become too preoccupied with analyzing their feelings.

Moon in Libra

These people are charming, sophisticated and usually make the right decisions in emotional matters.

Moon in Scorpio

This Moon sign placement produces sensitive, compassionate and intuitive individuals who sometimes do not cope very well with emotional upheavals.

Moon in Sagittarius

These individuals are restless, aware of the feelings of others and sensitive in their interactions.

Moon in Capricorn

Whatever emotions are stirred up by this placement tend to remain bottled up within the individual, thus causing much tension and anxiety.

Moon in Aquarius

These individuals are difficult to understand as they are neither spontaneous nor passionate but their emotional expressions tend to reflect what they receive from others.

Moon in Pisces

This placement makes these individuals intuitive and sensitive to other people's emotional dispositions.

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