Moon Calendar

Your Simple Guide To Track
The Daily Influences Of The Moon In Your Life

The Moon Calendar - See below for a simple method of manually keeping your personal record of the effects of the Moon Phases and Moon Cycles to better understand how they influence you in your daily life.

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Creating Your Own Moon Calendar Journal

You can study the lunar influences throughout the year yourself and keep a journal to see the effects in your personal life.

Simply mark on your calendar the periods when the Moon is going through each of the cycles of the Moon.

Observe and keep records of the types of activity that occur in your life throughout this time period.

You will start to find that you have one or two high and low points in the lunar month that reflect a consistent ebb and flow in your own life.

Once you determine your own lunar rhythm it can provide valuable insight in planning your schedule so you can remain low key during low points. Your best times can be noted in your journal so you can make the most of them.

Lunar Return Report
Your Personal Moon Calendar
Making The Most of Your Positive Influences

A Lunar Return - is when the moon returns to the exact place it was in at the moment of your birth. This is a time to set the stage for the month - to lay out the best plans for the upcoming days. It is an inside guide to your day-by-day emotional landscape for the upcoming month.

You can have your own personal and detailed profile created for you - reflecting the cycles of the Moon in relation to your birthchart. Visit our shop to have your Lunar Return report created just for you based on your birth data.

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