Career Astrology

Navigating Your Career With Astrology

Astrologers have always used career astrology with the understanding that certain planetary patterns in an individual's birth chart may guide them toward a particular career or profession.

Zodiac Sign Aries
Of An Aries

Zodiac Sign Taurus
Of A Taurus

Zodiac Sign Gemini
Of A Gemini


Zodiac Sign Cancer
Of A Cancer

Zodiac Sign Leo
Of A Leo

Zodiac Sign Virgo
Of A Virgo


Zodiac Sign Libra
Of A Libra

Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Of A Scorpio

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Of A Sagittarius


Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Of A Capricorn

Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Of An Aquarius

Zodiac Sign Pisces
Of A Pisces


Many individuals are aware of the personality characteristics that correlate with their particular Sun sign, but not some of the career characteristics.

So if you are considering a career change going beyond your Sun Sign and having some knowledge of your career horoscope can help make a real difference.

The following are brief descriptions of areas that may be associated with each of the Zodiac signs.

If you enjoy what you do,
you'll never work another day in your life.


Aries - Architecture, drafting, interior design, mechanical ability, art and sales are areas related to this sign.

Taurus - Planets in this sign suggest a flair for work relating to business and money matters in general.

Gemini - These individuals tend to have abilities in public speaking, lecturing, journalism, broadcasting and photography.

Cancer - Planets in this sign indicated good business skills, ability to handle people of all ages as well as work in hospitals and charitable organizations.

Leo - Individuals with planets in this sign tend to be good at delegating responsibilities and organization in business. They possess a flair for drama and may do well in sports.

Virgo - Accounting, medicine and biology are areas that are associated with this sign. The meticulous nature indicated by this sign may also show up in artistic ventures as well.

Libra - Planets in this sign suggest ability in advertising, law, politics, research and visual arts.

Scorpio These individuals tend to be excellent researchers, and may do well in areas such as social improvement and law. They tend to be very thorough and and resourceful.

Sagittarius - Areas of interest to individuals with planets in this sign may include the military, professional sports organizations and public speaking. They possess natural leadership abilities and good communication skills.

Capricorn - These individuals usually possess a great deal of business sense. They tend to do very well in anything that requires planning and shrewd management.

Aquarius - Hard sciences, research, social issues and personnel are areas related to this sign.

Pisces - These individuals may do well in the sciences, research, social services, hospitals, schools and charitable organizations.

When it comes to career astrology - there are three areas within a horoscope chart that an astrologer will first look at when helping you to define your best career path in this life.

  • Your Sun Sign and other planetary placements by sign
  • The Zodiac Elements- Fire, Air, Earth and Water Signs

  • The Astrology Houses in your chart - particularly the second, sixth and tenth houses in your horoscope chart.

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