Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Scorpio At Work

Understanding the Zodiac Sign Scorpio - a quick look at their core competencies, strengths and focus.

Resume Of A Scorpio

Here is a visual guide to help give a better understanding of this sign - At Work.

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Zodiac Sign Scorpio

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Approach To Work

The Zodiac Sign Scorpio is very focused and dedicated in their work - almost obsessive once a goal has been put on their radar and they have made the decision to go for it.

They have a powerful personal motivation. Their strength lies in their inner powerful commitment once their mind is made up. So they must do their research, and they typically do - before embarking on the venture to ensure they are not climbing up a ladder that is on the wrong wall.

They possess an instinctive sense as to what is right and what is wrong. A built in sense of justice. Since they can be driven and intense in their work they need to build in leisure time and family time goals as well. They also need their solitude. They recharge their inner batteries with alone time.

Scorpios may become therapists, psychologists, astronomers, astrologers, historians and healers. They are attracted to medicine and other healing professions including holistic healing, doctors and surgeons.

Approach To People At Work

They have a magnetic and charismatic quality about them. Often quiet and reticent - they are like detectives that like to assess the whole environment and the people in it.

They have an uncanny ability to read many layers of someone's personality. Superficial relationships do not work well with them. They see through facades quickly. They just know you - so you might as well be aware of that right from the start.

They are intense. They are fair. They are loyal.




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