New Moon Intentions

A Manifesting Potential

New Moon Intentions - Start fresh and utilize this powerful cycle of the moon to activate the Law of Attraction in your life. This is an optimal time to seed your intentions and get ready to make positive changes.

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The new moon is all about new beginnings. It is about setting your intentions for the upcoming month and plotting out what you want to happen and go from there.

This is like holding a special key to the promise of the upcoming month. Take the time to think ahead - plan your strategies and gather your resources so you can make the best of the days ahead.

The goal is to organize your intentions so that you are working in alignment with the rhythms of the Universe. It is the process of setting intentions and goals for the month, so you are ready to activate them at the right moment.

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Activating Your New Moon Intentions
Manifesting Your Desires

Whether you are going it alone or as a group, the beginning steps are the same. You should begin by listing your intentions with the purpose of having them ready and finalized as the New Moon comes into play. You will then be armed with positive thoughts and energies coupled with intentions to move forward through the month.

It is suggested that you keep a New Moon - Intentions Journal. You can really start to see the impact of the moon cycles as you go through the month and can use your journal as a reference guide for the months to come. If you are meeting as a group - you can share ideas and knowledge gained from using the power of the cycles of the moon.

Each indvidual will have their own unique intentions and how those intentions are manifested into reality are subjects of great discussion. In turn this will help in creating new intentions for the next New Moon Intentions session.

When To Give Attention To Your Intention

After your New Moon Intentions are set out in writing, you move to the next stage in the process. This is the understanding of when to give attention to those intentions and what kind of attention to give.

The best time to get going on your intentions, start a new idea, start a new project and infuse them with positive energy is in the waxing cycle from the new moon to the second quarter.

You can read all about the moon cycles here and make use of the cycles to bring your intentions to fruition. Waning cycles are better for sorting out the details or finishing up things on your to do list. Go with the flow and utilize the cycles and the rhythm sof the moon for more positive outcomes.

Personal Moon Forecast

Each and every month you also have a personal moon forecast which is called a Lunar Return. This is when the Moon returns to exactly where it was when you were born. The personal moon forecast chart that is cast, paints your personal emotional landscape for each day.

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