Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Aquarius At Work

Understanding the Zodiac Sign Aquarius - a quick look at their core competencies, strengths and focus.

Resume Of An Aquarius

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Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Now is your chance to share. If you are an Aquarius would you tell us about your Aquarian work style. If you are working with an Aquarius, we would love to hear your stories...

An Aquarius At Work

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Approach To Work

The Zodiac Sign of Aquarius is truly an independent thinker and likes to be their own boss. As an Air sign much of the focus is on intellectual ideas. This zodiac sign works well alone however also thrives in the social sciences. So working with people is important and the area of human resources comes naturally to them. Whether it be social sciences, writing, inventing, and the hard sciences - their innovative and original mind will come to the forefront.

The ability to think with originality is always coupled with an innate strategic thought process. If you feel when working with an Aquarius that you have been nicely maneuvered or manipulated into a position - it is nothing personal. It is logical and comes from a detached, independent thought process. From their perspective it is often an unconscious process. Mirror it back in a logical manner if you have a concern here and need to get something out in the open. The emotional venue won't work well in their arena.

Their inventive minds can often renew old work strategies and can implement some new ideas that work. They have a good intuitive sense this way. In addition they often will have a natural inclination to do well working with technology. They seem to just naturally speak the language when it comes to computers, software applications and probably would work well in social media if that is called for in what they do. People resources combined with technology. A natural fit.

Approach To People At Work

Aquarians are automatically drawn to groups of people who are like minded. Those who share similar philosophies. Their contribution to people and those who work with them is very important to them. They are often modest and can remain detached which makes them excellent problem solvers.

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