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The Sun in Gemini Profile

Gemini Profile - extremely good communicators that can be both witty and versatile. When first looking at the overall Gemini Profile, we examine first the position of the placement of the Sun by Sign.

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The Sun in Gemini occurs each year from May 21 to June 21 (approximately).

The third sign of the zodiac, - Gemini, the Twins- first appeared in the fables of Greek Mythology.

The pictorial representations of Gemini nearly always contain two human figures, which indicates the duality of the sign.

Here we find that as a child the Geminian tends to be lively, amusing in their talk, quick to pick up new ideas and if their attention can be held, easy to teach.

Thee most widely known personality trait of those who have the Sun in Gemini is versatility.

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A Variety of Interests

The Sun in Gemini generally gives a variety of interests and makes these people appear to be versatile. Their natural charm enables them to make other people want to believe that they are truly versatile, fascinating, and/or talented individuals.

These individuals tend to be fun to be with because of their youthful, mischievous, light-hearted approach to life and their ability to talk about anything that interests others.

Their liveliness, ability to change, versatility and expedient way of problem solving makes them fascinating individuals. Geminians are often very popular and provided they use their many skills and attributes to benefit others, they are indeed extremely pleasant companions.

The Sun found in this sign shows the Geminian personalities as having a great capacity for surviving unpleasant situations because of their changeability. Individuals with a number of planets in Gemini are generally productive, but they need to set their own schedule. These individuals need a great deal of variety and tend to be unhappy in a regular nine to five routine.

Gemini individuals are usually extremely good at communicating with others. Their natural popularity and ability to tell a story makes them good public relations people. They can often bring about agreements between groups in cases where everyone else has failed.

Witty, Versatile and Excellent Communicators

In every horoscope birth chart the planets are distributed among the signs of the zodiac in a pattern that is unique to the individual.

gemini sign Gemini Astrological Sign
The Twins

Each planet represents a very special kind of energy in your personal birth chart.

The Sun is only one of those ten planets. The sign that contains the Sun provides the basic key to the personality and life potential.

Here are some really quick and fun ways to use Astrology. Visit our Zodiac Elements page to get an understanding of how to easily connect with other people just by knowing the element of both your signs.

Also,don't miss getting the inside scoop from our Zodiac Signs page to help you really get to know those around you and yourself ...just that much better.




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