Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer At Work

Understanding the Zodiac Sign Cancer - a quick look at their core competencies, strengths and focus.

Resume Of A Cancer

Here is a visual guide to help give a better understanding of this sign - At Work.

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Zodiac Sign Cancer

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Approach To Work

With Zodiac Sign Cancer there is a blending of the tough self-assertion and the softness and sensitivity of their emotional nature. Cancer possesses natural caring and maternal instincts but carefully hides these behind a tough mask - not unlike their zodiac symbol of the crab with the hard and protective shell protecting the soft and fleshy body underneath.

This confident mask serves as a defense mechanism for them as they do have a very caring and sensitive nature and don't always like it to be readily exposed.

These very attributes are why Cancerians often excel in service oriented organizations and helping professions. Often very successful in business with their diplomatic, sensible and responsible nature. Keen perception in business dealings they tend to be clever managers.

Cancerians work well with children. They possess excellent memories and are strong teachers. Their caring nature shows through in everything they do. They maintain a close tie between their professional activities and their work and home life. Security is important to them both at home and in their career. It influences everything they do.

Approach To People At Work

Sensitive and creative their caring for others often works best in a structured environment. They are tuned into the needs of others in their work environment.

They will often surprise you with their excellent memory and will remember those things that are important to you and that help you do your job better. Keep in mind though - it goes both ways. They will also remember everything else too. They just never forget.




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