Leo Profile

The Sun in Leo Profile

When first looking at the overall Leo Profile, we explore the position of the Sun in Leo. You will see proud colorful people often with this planetary placement. Something about them just seems to make others stop and take notice.

leo profile Horoscope Charts for Leo

Each year from July 21 to August 21 (approximately) the Sun is in Leo.

The pictorial representation of Leo is usually that of a lion standing in an alert and fierce position.

Generally, these people are blessed with a sunny disposition; positive nature and can be generous to a fault. They usually practice a consistent measure of fairness.

Often their charismatic qualities are an asset to them in their role as natural leaders and in this role their charismatic qualities are an asset to them.

Part of their leadership qualities are related to the fact that these individuals love to be in the limelight. They are willing to work very hard to ensure they are in this favorable position.

Their natural love of showmanship and drama, often combined with a fair share of flamboyance can make them extremely good company.

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Leadership Qualities Are Strong In The Leo Profile

With regard to their home environment, they love a beautiful home where they can generously entertain their friends and acquaintances. Quite often these people show a tendency to live beyond their means.

They love children. Sometimes this fondness combined with their generosity can make them go overboard and spoil their children too much. These are the parents who want the best of everything for their offspring.

A sense of pride manifests itself in public appearances with partners or even close friends. These individuals want to be proud of whomever they are with and nothing will anger them more than being made a fool of in public because of undesirable behavior of people in their company.

In no other group will the good and/or bad personality traits show up more clearly than in the personalities represented by the sign of Leo - the Leo Profile.

These individuals can be either proud, regal and generous and have to be watchful about being too egocentric.

Leo Falls Under the Spell Of The Sun

In every horoscope birth chart the planets are distributed among the signs of the zodiac in a pattern that is unique to the individual.

leo sign Leo Astrological Sign
The Lion

Each planet represents a very special kind of energy in your personal birth chart. The Sun is only one of those ten planets.

The sign that contains the Sun provides the basic key to the personality and life potential.

Here are some really quick and fun ways to use Astrology. Visit our Zodiac Elements page to get an understanding of how to easily connect with other people just by knowing the element of both your signs.

Also,don't miss getting the inside scoop from our Zodiac Signs page to help you really get to know those around you and yourself ...just that much better.




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