Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Capricorn At Work

Understanding the Zodiac Sign Capricorn - a quick look at their core competencies, strengths and focus.

Resume Of A Capricorn

Here is a visual guide to help give a better understanding of this sign - At Work.

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Zodiac Sign Capricorn

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Don't Mess With A Capricorn Not rated yet
My co-worker Charlie always told me I was the poster child for my zodiac sign, the Capricorn. Perhaps it was to a fault, because there were some pranksters …

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Approach To Work

The Zodiac Sign Capricorn is very focused on achievement. At the end of the day - results are what are most important to them. In addition they need to have a clear sense of what they are doing and why. This falls into alignment with their need to set goals and follow through to accomplishment.

This sense of purpose is an intrinsic quality for them. They will often give up leisure time to lay the foundation for the future. For some this can lead to too much work - so they need to build in leisure and family time goals as well. Looking at their entire horoscope chart will indicate how to best balance the Capricorn drive.

Capricorns pursue their goals in silence. Typically they do not make their intentions known. They like to show rather than tell.

A natural flair for strategy. Business sense comes easily to them. An intuitive ability for planning, budgeting, and shrewd management. Careers with structure and practical applications such sciences are appealing to them as well. If other influences in their chart show creative career tendencies - their Capricorn influence will add the tenacity to do what it takes to achieve.

Approach To People At Work

Often quiet and reserved - they are not often the easiest to get to know. Once they form friendships, they are very loyal and supporting.

You know they will carry their share of the workload - and will expect the same in return.

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