Virgo Profile

The Sun in Virgo Profile

When first looking at the overall Virgo Profile, we explore the position of the Sun in Virgo.

virgo profile Horoscope Charts for Virgo

With the Sun in Virgo these people are noted for their down to earth practicality and their appetite for detail.

They are born from August 21 to September 21 (approximately).

Seldom do these individuals have to do something twice, because they usually do it right the first time.

Being meticulous and thorough is second nature to them.

No matter what the situation, they quickly assess what has to be done and go about doing it in the most logical and practical manner.

Virgo individuals do not necessarily work harder than other sign groups, but tend to work more efficiently.

Often an interesting asset is their manual dexterity and general co-ordination which are usually above average.

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Artistic Outlet Can Prove To Be Therapeutic

Often these individuals can be extremely critical, especially of themselves. Generally they have so much nervous energy to burn that they thrive on constant activity. Finding an artistic outlet can prove to be almost therapeutic for these people as it allows them to relax a little.

Usually individuals in this group are good parents as they follow reason rather than emotion when bringing up children. As perfectionists they need to have the awareness that the expectations they have of their children not be too high.

These people are often modest and tend to hold back when expressing their feelings. They have very high standards, which at times can lead to an overcritical outlook.

On the whole, individuals with the Sun in Virgo are very pleasant people who are always ready and willing to help others. They tend to be highly ethical, trustworthy and are often very valuable friends.

With An Appetite For Detail These People Are Meticulous

In every horoscope birth chart the planets are distributed among the signs of the zodiac in a pattern that is unique to the individual.

virgo sign Virgo Astrological Sign
The Virgin

Each planet represents a very special kind of energy in your personal birth chart. The Sun is only one of those ten planets.

The sign that contains the Sun provides the basic key to the personality and life potential.

Here are some really quick and fun ways to use Astrology. Visit our Zodiac Elements page to get an understanding of how to easily connect with other people just by knowing the element of both your signs.

Also,don't miss getting the inside scoop from our Zodiac Signs page to help you really get to know those around you and yourself ...just that much better.




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