Planet Mars

Represents Physical Energy and Stamina

In astrology the Planet Mars is the personal planet that represents our urge to assert our ourselves, rules both Aries and Scorpio and also governs the first and eighth houses in our horoscope chart.

It Rules Iron. Mars represents physical energy, iron, war and other manifestations of strength.

The placement of Mars in your birth chart shows how much physical strength or stamina you have, in what area of life this strength will manifest itself and also how this strength will be directed or should be.

planet mars Planet Mars
Your Drive And Ambition Forecast

Mars is associated with the Martial Arts. The Planet Mars governs the striated muscles - which are the very muscles we use for performing acts of strength.

In addition Mars governs the the red corpuscles, which contain iron compounds. Mars rules inflammations as well as physiological resistance(strength) needed to cope with such disorders. Mars represents physical energy and stamina.

When it comes to locality astrology - also referred to as relocation astrology the planet Mars has very specific influences. The various parts of the world that reflect your Mars destiny points can be looked at to understand that planet's emphasis in your life at that location and can be invigorating and energizing where these locality points are found.

How Does The Planet Mars Relate To You

Astrologically, the Sun represents the general energy of an individual and the planet Mars represents a more specific kind of physical energy.

The part your horoscope chart falling under the influence of the Sun, will show where your general energy is released.

The position of this planet your birth chart represents how much physical strength and /or stamina you naturally possess.

This placement also indicates the area of life for you in which this strength will manifest itself and also how this strength will be directed.

Mars is the planet of drive and ambition and if you want to check out Your Personal Mars Forecast and how it figures in your natal chart and what it is showing for the immediate future, this report will be a useful personal guide.

The Astrological Glyph for Mars

Mars planet Mars Symbol

Mars represents how we assert ourselves in the world. The warrior archetype. anger, sexuality, war, sports.

If you want to have a quick look at how this will show in your chart you can check out our free horoscopes page which will give you a taste of astrology and how this planet energy works in your chart.

If you want your customized in depth written computerized reports you can explore the different options available in our shop.

Through the position of Mars in your horoscope you can see what best motivates someone to go after what they want in life. An understanding of this desire can help you to be the instinctive master of your life.

As this planet continually moves around the zodiac it passes over every area in your personal birth chart.

Each of these areas is in play as Mars acts as a trigger to events in your life. As it touches different points in your chart and comes in to connection with other planets affecting you - - it is a key to knowing how to play your game and when to make your move.

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