Mars Planet

This Personal Planet Inspires You To Achieve

Mars Planet. Astrologically, Mars is considered a personal planet and represents that intrinsic dynamic force or energy that inspires us to achieve.

mars planet Mars Planet

Where it is located in our birth chart will indicate the area or sector of life where we express that energy. It will help us to understand what underlying motivation drives us to go for what we want.

It helps us to both understand what our challenges are and how to best direct our Mars energy achieve our goals and desires.

Mars Through the Signs of the Zodiac

The following are basic interpretations of the effects of Mars in the different signs of the zodiac:

Mars in Aries: These individuals need a steady outlet for the tremendous amount of energy generated by this placement. They are usually way ahead of others in whatever they do.

Mars in Taurus: These individuals have an incredible amount of physical stamina and if used constructively can lead to great achievement.

Mars in Gemini:People with this placement have an excess of nervous energy and find it difficult to sit still for long. They often possess very good co-ordination.

Mars in Cancer: This placement produces tough individuals who can take the initiative when it comes to any action.

Mars in Leo: This placement gives the individual a good deal of physical strength and endurance. These energetic, enthusiastic individuals love a challenge.

Mars in Virgo: These individuals are very hard workers and must take care that there energies are guided in the right direction.

Mars in Libra: This placement greatly diminishes the indecisiveness of Libra. These individuals can be very restless.

Mars in Scorpio: These people possess an almost inexhaustible amount of energy which if used constructively can lead to great achievement.

Mars in Sagittarius: This placement produces vigorous people who do not mind always being on the go.

Mars in Capricorn: These individuals are capable of accomplishing what others would consider to be impossible.

Mars in Aquarius: These people are restless and love a called that will involve a lot of action.

Mars in Pisces: This placement provides energy and tends to diminish the sentimentality of this group.

The Power of Desire
Utilizing the Energy of Mars

When you have an understanding of the planetary placements and energies in your natal birth chart - you get an objective sense of your strengths and limitations.

What inspires you and what deflates you or makes you have to push through to overcome an obstacle. What just clicks for you.

Combine that with the ongoing movement of the planets and their current relationship with you and your natal birth chart - astrologically known as transits. Now you have an enabler.

The ability to go with the flow because you know it is happening and know when to turn on your inner power and push through to success when needed.

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