Planet Neptune

The Planet Neptune represents intuitive, inspirational energy. Neptune rules Pisces and governs the twelfth house.

This intuition - is often a feeling, the origin of which we cannot explain. Inspiration here is especially associated with all creative endeavors. This planet governs illusions and delusions - those times that seem to lack clarity.

planet neptune Planet Neptune
Imagination & Spirituality Forecast

Difficulties dealing with drifting away from reality - can be channeled into some kind of art. Creative imagination can go either way. This intense creative energy needs to be channeled in some way.

At the physiological level Neptune rules the extra cellular body fluids - the water in our bodies which forms more than sixty percent of our physical body.

Neptune governs volatile substances, gases, hallucinatory agents (altered states of the mind)

When it comes to locality astrology - also referred to as relocation astrology, the planet Neptune has very specific influences. The various parts of the world that reflect your Neptune destiny points can be looked at to understand that planet's emphasis on imagination, creativity and spirituality within your life.

How Does The Planet Neptune Affect You

On a personal level the planet Neptune provides us with a sensitivity that can be developed in different areas.

If Neptune is strongly placed in your personal birth chart you are a very sensitive person with strong feelings that lie beneath the surface. Compassion and empathy are second nature to you.

Neptune is the planet of imagination and spirituality, everything artistic (music, film, the arts) and also all forms of spirituality.Your Personal Neptune Forecast is a report that shows how Neptune figures in your natal chart and how it impacts your immediate future.

The Astrological Glyph for Neptune

Neptune planet Neptune Symbol

This is the planet of transcendence. Illusion, delusion, image, spirituality, mysticism.

If you want to have a quick look at how this will show in your chart you can check out our free horoscopes page which will give you a taste of astrology and how this planet works in your chart.

If you want your customized in depth written computerized reports you can explore the different options available in our shop.

As the planet Neptune continually moves around the zodiac it passes over different areas in your personal birth chart. Since it is such a slow moving planet it will impact you for long periods of time.

As an area is touched by Neptune it is best to know how that is affecting you. If it is a creative, inspirational impact then it is best to make use of it. On other hand it may point to times when you have to be more careful in your due diligence when it comes to both work and home life.




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