Astrological Mentoring

Astrological Mentoring
Your Personal Compass and Guide

Astrological Mentoring - acts as a personal compass and guide designed for you. As a starting point it helps you to understand exactly what you experiencing in your life at this time and why.

Your unique astrological signs and elements throughout your birth chart create a bird's eye perspective and give you a vantage point that makes sense. Then we dig down. Time to make changes. The why and the how. Giving you awareness, vision and objective perspective. Grounded in knowledge - know where to go from here to achieve your goals.

Astrological Mentoring
Astrological Signs And Life Themes

  • get in touch with what you really want in life
  • set goals and make them happen
  • engage in strategies that will work
  • feel supported on your journey
  • overcome limiting beliefs and long-term obstacles
  • improve existing relationships and/or create new ones
  • gain greater career satisfaction
  • ensure you are on the road to prosperity

Give Attention To Your Intention

This begins with knowing how to navigate. Avoid the potholes and the challenges that can hinder your goals and intentions. Astrological Mentoring can be life changing. This will help you to best utilize the insights and tools available to you.

Your personal journey begins with the initial one and one half hour self-discovery session.

You will utilize the insights and tools you get from this to take progressive intentional action.

Astrological mentoring requires your commitment for at least six months. The initial one and a half hour self-discovery mentoring session initiates the journey.

We first go through your horoscope chart in depth. Together, we define then the mentoring relationship and begin the positive move forward to create the life you want using your chart as a navigational tool. In addition to looking at your transits and progressions, I create lunar charts for you to create a day-to day understanding of how to move forward successfully.


The initial astrological mentoring consultation is $145.00 with subsequent one-half hour mentoring consultation sessions being $45. Astrological mentoring would involve your commitment for at least six months.

A $50.00 deposit is required to hold the scheduled time for the initial astrological mentoring consultation with the balance due before or at the time of the initial consultation.

What information is required?

Your natal horoscope chart is constructed using your date, location and time of birth to calculate (the time can be approximate if you don't know). Below is a questionnaire to ensure you have everything before ordering.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. There is always a link at the bottom of every page to contact me. Your package will include my direct email address.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
First Name*
Last Name
E-mail Address*
Zip/Postal Code
Home Phone
Business Phone
Your Birth Date : Month/Day/Year*
Your birth time is*
This time is in in the*
AM (Morning)
PM (Afternoon/Evening)
Your birth time is*
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Within a few hours either way
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Location of Birth - Town*
State / County/ Region*

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know my precise birth time?
The date and location of birth must be accurate. It is best to have the time as close as possible. If you have no idea then it is best to use noon on your date of birth for your time.

How long does it take to receive it?
If this is a Astrological Report your package will be delivered via email. I promise delivery within 24 hours however it usually takes less than that. These reports are processed and checked by me.

How does it work if this is a consultation?
I will contact you personally. We will then arrange a time for your consultation to take place.

Take me back to the questionnaire please!




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