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Astrology has many benefits! You have decided on your personal horoscope and it is a great choice!. You are guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Using astrology to understand yourself better is both exciting and fun. Beyond that, it really does help you in your life .

Birth Time Accuracy

The more accurate the birth time the more accurate the results received through astrology. If a birth time is unknown the time of 12 noon is used for a birth time. This midday approach is used because it can give the best results for you.

Questions and support

I am a full time astrologer and have been working with astrology for over 30 years. So you are not dealing with some anonymous computer system here. I appreciate my clients for helping me do what I love. My intention is always to provide you with the best service I can and to help you on your journey in this lifetime.

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Personal Horoscope

Your personal horoscope choice includes your
Astrological Life Portrait which consists of:

  • Your natal chart
  • Who you are at birth
  • How your life develops
  • What is happening now

$15.95 CAD

While I am working with your natal chart I can easily perform other additional tasks, so I offer additional work at a large discount when ordered together.The personal horoscope package can be upgraded to include your complete year forecast as well. If you wish to take advantage of this increased efficiency.


Your Personal Horoscope Package would include
*Everything in the Personal Horoscope above

Plus...Your Personal Transit Forecast For The Year

*An understanding of what is happening now - how the planets are touching you, on a daily basis
*details and highlights on how how each new event may affect you
*the most important events of the month
*for the next 12 months

$34.95 CAD

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Thank you! From the Urban Astrologer. now has thousands of readers each month. I'd like to express a sincere 'Thank you!' to all my new and repeat clients who have made this possible.