As A Pisces
The Lesson I Learned in a Rush

by Albert

Looking at my sign, Pisces, I know the Zodiac thoughts are “Don't rush.” I can easily follow that advice. I kind of have to keep my logic separate from my emotional thoughts when working. I have seen what happens when things move too fast. Like with a detailed plan missing a single line- the flaw can destroy the entire building. Rushing happens too often these days. Not to say that one cannot be efficient. That is a requirement in work today, no matter what the kind of business. But there is a difference between efficiency and rushing. Efficiency is cutting once after measuring twice. Rushing is eyeballing it and not bothering to measure at all. That said it is my emotions that really make me act in such a rush - and I do need to be aware of that too.

The thing that should be taken from this is that cutting corners generally leads to a poor work result, especially when I worry too much what everyone thinks. If you want to be successful, you need to cultivate efficiency. Simple it seems but tougher to do for me. That is how I will gain a reputation for quality work. Keeping business to business and not worrying so much about what people think of me and what I do and rushing to try and make an impression. I need to feel good about what I do and that will come from doing it right and not being to hasty to impress someone.

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