Ascendant Sign - Solar Chart

Your Horoscope When Birth Time Is Unknown

Ascendant Sign. One of the most interesting elements of astrology, aside from the unusual manner in which Sun signs tend to reflect a part of our personality, is the remarkable influence that our exact hour of birth has on us.

The exact hour of birth is used to determine which sign of the Zodiac was rising over the east horizon on the day of our birth.

This Zodiac sign is referred to as our ascendant or rising sign and is considered to be third in importance after the Sun and the Moon.

For many individuals finding out the exact time of their birth is difficult, if not impossible task.

If you were adopted, born at home, or for some other reason unable to obtain an accurate birth time, there are tow avenues you can explore.

Solar Chart

The first is called a Solar chart and is constructed without using a time of birth or calculating a rising sign. This type of horoscope chart is generally used to interpret the influences of the planets on the individual.

A Solar chart can only provide a general type of assessment for an individual and is not useful for the prediction of future trends.

A second method that is used to overcome an uncertain birth time is called rectification. This method can be relatively simple if an approximate time of birth is known .

However, if there is no record of approximate birth time, a number of areas must be examined for the chart to be rectified.

Initially the individual's known behavior and characteristics, that are not accounted for by the Sun and Moon signs, will be examined.

Sensitive Areas in the Horosope Chart

The next procedure begins by working backward from known events in the individual's life. This is done in an attempt to isolate sensitive areas that recur with significant frequency at the time of major events.

The first events that are considered are those that would occur in early childhood. Serious illnesses, accidents or other traumatic events should be indicated by major planetary movements.

Events in later life, such as marriage, changes of residence, birth of children, death of parents, accidents, operations, promotions, can also be used to indicate the ascendant and birth time.

Ascendant Sign

By using this method, a horoscope chart may be constructed for any individual who has no record of their birth time. It should provide an accurate description of the individual's personality traits.

Obtaining an ascendant sign through a rectified horoscope may also be used to better indicate future trends in an individual's life.

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