Bachelorette Party Ideas & Astrology

Bachelorette Party Ideas - Make your bachelorette party a fun experience using the power of the zodiac signs.

You can personalize your event in a variety of ways.

Bachelorette Party Ideas
Individual Consultations

The first option is where I can do a private session with each of your guests. In this option I will provide each guest with their own personal Astrological Consultation. I will talk each about the day they were born, where their planets are located in their birth chart and how that effects them. We will talk about love, career and the life themes of their personal birth chart and the upcoming year.

I usually spend about 20 minutes with each each person. Each session is $30.00.

I do need a private room or area where I can do my consultations. A quiet place away from the chatter is great and also some of the topics discussed in the sessions may be of a personal nature so it is best to ensure the privacy is there.

Bachelorette Party Ideas
Do You Really Know Your Guests?

This is always a fun way to get a taste of astrology and have fun with it as well. With this option I participate one-one-one with the group. We can always tailor this more to the Bachelorette Party as needed. This is always such a fun venue - and one of the most popular that I have. I need the birth data info for each person attending.

Now is the time when we see how much you really know about each other. I talk about someone using their birth data information as my resource. Usually I try and keep it related to love and romance if I can - but sometimes other stuff just comes up. Now, it is up to you and your guests to guess who it is that I am reading. This always ends up in lots of laughs and a fun time! I

The cost for this is $20.00 per person. In this case the area is open and so there is no need for a private room, however some nice wine always adds some great flavor to the event.


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