Unique Christmas Gifts

The Perfect Gift For Any Zodiac Sign

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A little guidance from the stars to help you with your gift giving during this holiday season.

The perfect gift for any zodiac sign.

Astrology Gift ideas to fit all budgets and personalized for those special people in your life.

Easy Gift Giving For All Budgets

Choosing the perfect gift! Simple and easy. A gift they will treasure for a lifetime. Here are some ideas on what to write in your Christmas gift card.

Unusual Christmas Gifts
Click Here For
Unique Personal Gifts
They Will Love
'for Under $25.00'

Unusual Christmas Gifts
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Personalized Gift Certificates
'for $50 to $100 '

Unusual Christmas Gifts
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Personal Consultations
'The Best Gift of All'
'from $85'


Unique Personal Astrology Gifts for Under $25.00

These are custom astrological reports will be sure to intrigue and inspire the. They are created individually and are based on birth data.

Here are some under $25.00 ideas for you based on the most popular astrology custom reports.

unique christmas gifts Unique Personal Gifts
They Will Love
'for Under $25.00'

Our AstroTalk Custom Report is a 'life portrait' and is the beginning of a whole new world of understanding.

This is one of the most advanced and comprehensive astrological interpretations with no-nonsense descriptions custom tailored to them.

Another of the most popular Custom Reports is theAstroCartoGraphy Report . If you know they are residing somewhere other than where they were born or looking at where to vacation, retire, relocate or do business in... this is a nice introduction to geographic astrology known as locality astrology. A fascinating area of astrology.

My range of custom astrological reports make ideal presents.

Fill this out and your Christmas shopping is done.

Personalized Gift Certificates for $50 to $100

This allows them to choose from my wide range of custom astrological reports, and look at having a consultation.

unique christmas gifts Personalized Gift Certificates
'for $50 to $100 '

You can let them choose from the selection of our Custom Reports or allow them the option to choose to move towards a tailored personal astrological consultation.

A good choice here would be a horoscope chart and the upcoming forecast for the year. This would fall under the $50.00 range.

They would also have the option of a consultation - and this would fall under the $100 gift certificate. We can tailor it to fit your budget and what you think would work.

Fill this out and your Christmas shopping is done.

The Most Treasured Gift of All
An Astrological Consultation

Their personal astrology chart is called a 'natal horoscope'. It provides an insightful understanding of self and a navigational guide to an enriched life.

unique christmas gifts Personal Consultations
'The Most Treasured Gift of All'
'from $85'

The timeless wisdom in a birth horoscope reflects life themes, patterns and potentials.

Recurring patterns and life cycles help to understand the chapters in our lives and our ability to shape our life story.

It all begins with understanding the natal horoscope.

With this foundation in hand, navigating our inner lives and mapping our life journey can involve other specialty areas of astrology dependent on the current focus or chapter of life. Helping to select the best place to vacation, retire, relocate or do business in falls under the realm of geographic astrology.

If you are looking at giving the gift of a natal horoscope consultation and want to add in some flexibility for them, you can choose a gift certificate. If you want to have it customized further, please contact me directly and I will provide some suggestions for you and details on the associated cost.

Fill this out and your Christmas shopping is done.

Unique Christmas Gifts
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What To Write In Your Christmas Gift Card

You may have trouble thinking of just the right thing to say on your Christmas Gift card. Here are some ideas to give you the inspiration to write a great message. Edit to your taste as your message will be best when it is personal and sprinkled with your own words.

"I wanted to get you something different this year - something truly unique. This special Christmas gift will be created specifically for you and is meant to help you 'align with the stars and have the best upcoming year ever'."

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