Child Astrology - A Star is Born

Understanding Your Child's Sun Sign

Child Astrology - All you need is your child's birth date to know where the Sun was in on the day they were born.

Sun signs may be a useful tool for parents who want to gain a better understanding of their child's behavior.

The sign in which the Sun is located is very important regarding the personality of your child.

The Sun itself is considered a Star. A Child Star in depth astrological report covers all of the planets in their chart and where those planetary energies are, their influences and insights.

The following are brief interpretations of the Sun signs in relation to the child astrology of your child.

Aries Child: These children generally lack patience and perseverance. They will display much enthusiasm if they like what they are doing but will find it difficult to be attentive if the activities are boring them.

Taurus Child: These children will often take life in a methodical manner and will become nervous when rushed. They are quite persistent when they want something and can be very stubborn. Better results are evident if the are asked to do something rather than being told.

Gemini Child: As children, Geminians tend to be restless and lack a long attention span. Their minds start to wander as soon as they comprehend what is going on. These children need a lot of variety and should be taught to finish what they start.

Cancer Child: The Cancer child usually possesses an excellent memory which makes learning easy for them. They are generally very sensitive and often a word of correction is all that is needed for discipline.

Leo Child: The Leo Child can learn quite quickly and will like anything that is a challenge to them. They are competitive and should learn to be good losers as well as good winners. Criticism should be offered with tact and praise will often motivate them.

Virgo Child: Virgo children tend to be easy to educate and will like anything that will keep their active minds and hands busy. These children are often very sensitive and will hold things inside that bother them.

Libra Child: These children are often bright but need a lot of discipline to make the most of their assets. They love to procrastinate and day dream and they usually have the ability to talk themselves out of most uncomfortable situations.

Scorpio Child: These children are energetic and curious. They possess a wonderful imagination and can often concentrate for long periods of time. When discipline is required, it is best to explain thoroughly for the best results. At times they can be very quiet and introspective.

Sagittarius Child: These children often possess a wandering mind, especially when it comes to discipline. They are usually alert, clever and need an outlet for their energy.

Capricorn Child: These children are often quiet, steady achievers who tend to be competitive. They may be overly serious and should be taught to relax and have fun.

Aquarius Child: These children tend to be very stubborn and want to do things their own way. They get bored quite easily and love to deviate from the standard routine.

Pisces Child: Gentle but firm discipline is necessary for these children as they are very sensitive and responsive. They love to daydream and consistency is very important to them.

Additional Tools For Understanding Your Child

Here are some really quick and fun ways to use Astrology beyond child astrology, in all your family relationships and useful for other relationships in your life too. Visit our Zodiac Elements page to get an understanding of how to easily connect with other people just by knowing the element of both your signs.

Also,don't miss getting the inside scoop from our Zodiac Signs page to help you really get to know those around you and yourself ...just that much better.




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