Child Star

An Astrological Start-Up Manual for Your Child

Child Star - Don’t you wish you knew a lot more about your child – not just through the learning experience of growing up, but ahead of time, from birth? Here is an insightful perspective that can help you instantly attune to how best to guide your child.

A Quick Understanding of Child Star

Child Star

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Understanding leads to awareness and the possibilities and challenges your child can look forward to in their life. Identify strengths, weaknesses, aptitude and potentials.

This remarkable personal child report that tells you how your child’s planetary positions at birth will develop and blossom from infancy through adolescence. This is not only perfect for newborns. It is also ideal for children of all ages. Shedding much light on how to better understand your child.

In this report you will find out some of the specific aptitudes to nurture and the most perilous pitfalls that require your protection, in plenty of time to take action to:

  • Spot talents early
  • Prepare for life changes and developments
  • Uncover specific dangers to avoid
  • Find out what to reward, what to discourage
  • Avoid spoiling, or over-disciplining
  • Resolve contradictions, soothe anxieties
  • Encourage creativity and social skills
  • Help your child fulfill each possibility, every day

Every child is different; each comes with a set of totally unique talents and potentials. Find out all you can about yours now, with a lifetime still ahead of you. When you read it, you will wish your parents had had this as a guide!


Current 'Special Pricing' for your Child Star custom report is $15.95 CAD. This will help you to instantly attune to how best to guide your child.

These are comprehensive, detailed reports hand processed personally by me. They are custom interpretations and are created specifically for you.

What information is required?

Your natal horoscope chart is constructed using your date, location and time of birth to calculate (the time can be approximate if you don't know). Below is a questionnaire to ensure you have everything before ordering.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. There is always a link at the bottom of every page to contact me. Your package will include my direct email address.

To create your ChildStar Report - First I need your birth data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know my precise birth time?
The date and location of birth must be accurate. It is best to have the time as close as possible. If you have no idea then it is best to use noon on your date of birth for your time.

How long does it take to receive it?
Your package will be delivered via email. I promise delivery within 24 hours however it usually takes less than that. These reports are processed and checked by me.


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