Themed Party Ideas
With A Taste Of Astrology

Themed Party Ideas - With a taste of astrology... Are you planning an event or gathering and looking for a unique and entertaining experience for your guests?

Almost every one knows their sun sign, but there is so much more to every person. The personal touch that is added for each person based on their birth data will have them talking about the experience long after your event is past..

You will be amazed at the amount of fun you and your guests can have at an astrology party. These can be varied and tailored to specific themed party ideas with a celestial flair.

If you are looking for something different and want to host a truly unique party, I can give you some ideas to help you tailor it to your needs and make it special.

A Truly Interactive Experience

This is always a great way to get a personal taste of astrology and have a lot of fun in the process.

Now we can see how much you really know about each other. We all gather around together and I share some astrological insights about someone in the group using their specific birth data information as my resource. It is up to you and your guests to figure out who it is. This always ends up in lots of laughs and a truly fun time.

We can tailor this type of function to your needs. If this is a special event for someone - then we can of course make them the Star of the production. Whether it is a bride-to-be, a birthday celebration or another type of celebration we can make it uniquely special for them.

Astrology - Mini Readings

If you are having a small private function then mini readings might be something that would work for you. Here I would provide each guest with their own private astrology mini reading/consultation based on their birth chart. These are 15 minutes in length. The cost is $30.00 per person. This is a very special experience unique to each individual.

I do need a private room or area where I can do my consultations. A quiet place away from the chatter is good so your guest can enjoy the privacy that it would allow.

Interested in booking an event?

Do you have a question about an event, function or gathering you are thinking of having? Do you want some ideas and feedback on how astrology can make it unique?

How Can Your Guests Best Prepare

Your guests will need to provide their birth data for me to work with. The date, time and place of birth is what is required. If they do not know the birth time I will use 12 noon on that day. If they have a sense of what the birth time is we can of course go with that for their session.

Astrology Themed Party Ideas Suggestions

Full Moon Theme - A celestial experience. Best to plan around the Moon Cycle most beneficial to the event you are planning.

Birthday Party Theme - There is a lot of diversity as to how we can make this a uniquely tailored event for the birthday person.

Engagement Party Theme - A great way to celebrate a special event.

Bachelorette Party - Outstanding fun!

Location of Astrology Themed Party

Within Calgary City limits I do not charge and will come to where ever you are. If you are outside of Calgary please let me know so that I can quote you if there will be an additional cost. Please contact me for details.




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