Astrological Psychology

Astrological Psychology. Through history, astrology has been associated with the field of psychology through the research and studies of many different individuals.

Astrologers have always considered astrology to be connected to this area of dealing with an individual's basic character, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

The field of psychology deals with the same type of process, and astrologers feel it is therefore connected to the information gained by using astrological techniques.

Carl Jung and Astrological Psychology

Carl Jung's revolutionary views in psychology, and his later interest in astrology, resulted in an important research study in this area.

Jung stated that in statistical studies he had undertaken , correlation in the study corresponded with astrological expectations.

Carl Jung's interest in astrology and his evident belief in its reality inspired astrologers and helped develop both curiosity and attention in the subject.

Michel Gauquelin and Astrological Concepts

Another very important research study was conducted by French statistician and scientist, Michel Gauquelin, who has spend his life examining and assessing astrological concepts.

Much of Gauquelin's work tends to confirm astrological beliefs, such as the traditional correlation between planets and temperament, personality traits as well as to the individual;'s choice of profession.

Case Study - Astrological Techniques

One recent well known research study tends to confirm the views of of people who are constantly dealing in the field of astrology. It sheds a new light and perspective on matters that have been discussed in the past by great scientists in their field.

This study focused on the ability of astrological techniques, when used correctly, provided insight into an individual's basic character and personality.

Psychologists Anton DeMan of Bishop's University in Quebec, and Huub Angenent , of a University in Holland, conducted a study to find out how informative astrology can actually be.

In this study they gave the birth dates and times of birth of 30 different subjects to an astrologer. In conjunction with this program, they then questioned psychologists who know the subjects well enough to agree or disagree with the astrological assessments.

The results suggested a very positive response to astrological techniques. The psychologists involved in the study agreed with the evaluations compiled through the use of astrological techniques.

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