Venus Planet

Venus Planet. This Personal Planet Manifests
In the People and Things We Value In Our Lives

Venus Planet. Astrologically, Venus is considered a personal planet and represents the need to create harmony and balance in our lives and our relationships.

venus planet Venus Planet

Where it is located in our birth chart will indicate the area or sector of life where we express that energy. It will reveal our capacity to attract the people or things we love and value.

Venus will help us to understand the balance we seek in our interactions and relationships with others through socialization.

Venus Through the Signs of the Zodiac

The Venus planet, through the various signs, indicates how an individual will express his/her emotions in personal relationships.

The following are basic interpretations of the effect of the Venus planet in the different signs.

Venus in Aries: In love, this placement makes individuals impatient and thus tends to rush others off their feet.

Venus in Taurus: These people are without exception very loyal, faithful and if a parting of the ways occurs, they suffer for a long time.

Venus in Gemini: This placement enhances the natural charm of Gemini and these individuals tend to approach emotional relationships lightheartedly.

Venus in Cancer: These individuals are very affectionate and caring but find it difficult to cope if things go wrong in the love department.

Venus in Leo: In love, these people are extremely generous with their affections, are warmhearted and responsive.

Venus in Virgo: This placement gives the capacity for unselfish, dedicated love and if things go wrong it takes them a long time to get over the experience.

Venus in Libra: This placement tends to make people charming and loving. Being in love with love can be, at times, mistake for real love.

Venus in Scorpio: These individuals often have a magnetic quality about them. They are extremely faithful and passionate.

Venus in Sagittarius: These individuals need emotional freedom. They would find it impossible to cope with a jealous partner.

Venus in Capricorn: This placement produces faithful people who are not very demonstrative in expressing their love.

Venus in Aquarius: These individuals find it easier to respond to affectionate behavior than to instigate it.

Venus in Pisces: This placement produces very compassionate people who tend to be totally ruled by their emotions.

The Power of Attraction
Utilizing the Energy of Venus

When you have an understanding of the planetary placements and energies in your natal birth chart - you get an objective sense of your strengths and limitations.

What inspires you and what deflates you or makes you have to push through to overcome an obstacle. What just clicks for you.

Combine that with the ongoing movement of the planets and their current relationship with you and your natal birth chart - astrologically known as transits. Now you have an enabler.

The ability to go with the flow because you know it is happening and know when to turn on your inner power and push through to success when needed.

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Your personal Venus forecast. In addition if you want to explore your personal Venus forecast to tap into deeper understandings of upcoming activity relating to those things you value most - love, romance and also to those tangible valuables in your world that you have care and concern about ... art, music, fine dining, wine, valuables ...or yes, just plain money.

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