Mercury Planet

This Personal Planet Communicates Who We Are

Mercury Planet. Astrologically it is considered a personal planet and represents our need to be understood and our desire to communicate.

mercury planet Mercury Planet

Where this planet is located in our birth chart will indicate the area or sector of life where we express that energy best. It will help us to understand what drives us to communicate, to learn and to interpret the energy from those experiences.

Tapping into our universal need to be understood and project our thoughts and ideas into the environment through all communication vehicles. Written, verbal and non-verbal.

The zodiac sign in which our Mercury planet is located will indicate to us why and how we instinctively communicate and understand some people while seem to be at odds with others. Looking at the zodiac elements and the zodiac signs will help enhance our ability to communicate with everyone better.

Mercury Through the Signs of the Zodiac

Mercury through the various signs, indicates the different ways in which people's minds work, their intellectual interests and aptitudes and how they communicate.

The following are basic interpretations of the effects of Mercury in the different signs of the zodiac.

Mercury in Aries: People with this planetary placement are usually bright, quick-witted and quick at repartee. Short, intense study periods alternated with periods of physical activity are most productive for these individuals because they lack patience and perseverance.

Mercury in Taurus: This planetary placement produces quiet brightness in an individual. These people often work in a methodical, steady manner.

Mercury in Gemini: These people are often witty, chatty, bright and gregarious. They often learn quickly but are extremely restless which usually results in a vary short attention span.

Mercury in Cancer: These individuals have prodigious memories which makes learning easy for them. This pal cement can create some of the best business people.

Mercury in Leo: People with this placement are apt to talk matters over before making decisions. These individuals can learn quite well and most important they like to be first. They are competitive and like a challenge.

Mercury in Virgo: These individuals tend to be logical, clear, analytical and their arguments are unembellished and precise.

Mercury in Libra: Generally these individuals are very bright with a special aptitude for debating, public speaking, business law and are masters in the power of gentle persuasion. Quite often these people tend to procrastinate and be indecisive.

Mercury in Scorpio: This placement produces people who are quiet, industrious and rather secretive. They possess an innate curiosity, and a natural talent for writing.

Mercury in Sagittarius: These individuals have a natural ability to communicate. Despite their facility in languages and their natural flair for debate and eloquence, these people usually lack the patience and perseverance to succeed in writing.

Mercury in Capricorn: Here we have brightness combined with the drive to reach the top. This placement often produces very competitive goal oriented individuals who possess a strong sense of realism.

Mercury in Aquarius: Mercury here tends to yield brightness, original thinking, facility of expression, and quick comprehension of whatever subject matter is at hand.

Mercury in Pisces: This placement produces very bright people who tend to follow hunches and they do in a very intelligent manner. These individuals can procrastinate, daydream and be easily distracted.

The Power of Communication
Utilizing the Planetary Energy of Mercury

When you have an understanding of the planetary placements and energies in your natal birth chart - you get an objective sense of your strengths and limitations.

What inspires you and what deflates you or makes you have to push through to overcome an obstacle. What just clicks for you.

Combine that with the ongoing movement of the planets and their current relationship with you and your natal birth chart - astrologically known as transits. Now you have an enabler.

The ability to go with the flow because you know it is happening and know when to turn on your inner power and push through to success when needed.

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