Mercury Retrograde

2015 Mercury Retrograde
Transit Dates *

Mercury Retrograde Aquarius - Jan 21 2015 07:55 17"Aq04'R
Mercury Direct Aquarius - Feb 11 2015 06:58 01" Aq19'D

Mercury Retrograde Gemini - May 18 2015 17:50 13"Ge08'R
Mercury Direct Gemini - Jun 11 2015 14:34 04"Ge34'D

Mercury Retrograde Libra - Sept 17 2015 10:10 15"Li55'R
Mercury Direct Libra - Oct 9 2015 06:58 00"Li55'D

* Note: All times are given in Pacific Standard Time
(even if daylight time is in effect)

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How To Best Understand A Mercury Retrograde Cycle

The planet Mercury is a planet of understanding and creates change through thought. It also relates to communications. Being conscious of the Mercury 'influence' in your life can be both insightful and strategic.

mercury retrograde

Its really about understanding the flow of things. Sometimes you can float downstream and sometimes you have may have to tread water before you swim. Simple as that.

Like riding a bicycle. Sometimes you can just coast but if there is a little hill coming up - just give it some extra thought and put the peddle to the metal as needed.

A Mercury retrograde cycle is one of those times. It is about giving extra thought to what you do. Doing the extra little bit behind the scenes in preparation for what comes later. Sometimes this cycle is there to make you rework whatever it is until you get it just right. So keep that in mind.

In life there are small hills and there are bigger hills. Planetary cycles are like that. At some point after the hill you get to coast again.

So what about this Mercury Retrograde cycle? It is s a little hill. Some may feel its influence a bit more than others - depending on where in their horoscope chart it is touching them. For the most part it can feel like we have to take more time to get anything completed or done the way we want it.

Going With The Flow
The Influences Of Mercury Cycles

In essence Mercury represents our intellectual energy, how we process information and how we communicate.

All vehicles of communication - writing, teaching and public speaking are touched by this transit.

This retrograde motion symbolizes a return to source and a need for more quiet time.

During this transit there is a natural preoccupation with personal affairs or a wish to have more personal time.

However, Mercury doesn't always agree when it comes to this - sometimes you are pulled away from this need to withdraw and there is an increased frustration and stress level as a result.

How to Work With This Cycle

Where our natural inclination is to move forward, it is more a time of reflection and regrouping. A time for unifying the whole and readying yourself to take action.

It is best not to force issues or plunge ahead into new plans or new chapters in your life. Objectivity is key at this time.

Prepare and wait for opportune times after the Mercury Retrograde has passed. During the this transit, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • this is a good time for reflecting over plans and goals for the future
  • nurture creative ideas and let them simmer on the back burner until the Mercury Retrograde has passed
  • do your due diligence with regard to any contracts or agreements during this time (actually double your due diligence efforts)
  • better to do your reviews and adjustments on existing work and projects - wait to start new ones
  • double check your calendar to make sure you don't miss appointments

It is helpful to think of this cycle as kind of a review and planning session. If you are starting a new chapter in your life, it will be best if you can wait until the cycle is passed. There will be a greater chance of coasting through to the conclusion without any delays or obstacles.


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