New Years Resolutions

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New Years Resolutions - Do you want to make it the best year ever? What is on your agenda for the upcoming year?

  • Now is the time to set the stage for the upcoming year
  • This can be a magical time that can set the stage for the year to come

New Years Resolutions and astrology - the stars will help light your way.

What's Astrology Got To Do With It?

There are so many options to help you plan your upcoming year and to make it a success.

You can choose to have a personal computerized version of any of our reports. They are all economical in price and can offer a clear map for you upcoming year.

Not sure what will work in line with your goals. Ask us?

Share your thoughts. What's worked in the past for you? How do you think astrology can help you even further.

Set The Stage For The Upcoming Year

The quality of this time is that it can set the year to come. Your birth data is the basis of a horoscope that will describe the astrological factors in effect for this upcoming year and. It gives you guidelines to set the tone what lies ahead and make it a success.

This time is so important and needs to be organized and looked at with excitement. This is especially true if one accepts the premise that thought creates, or influences reality.

Looking Forward
Planning For Success with Astrology Forecasting Tools

In astrology there are a variety of tools and methods to help identify future life themes and changes in your life. Become 'astrologically aware' and take advantage of upcoming opportunities in your life.

Time Line Chart

TimeLine is a powerful forecasting tool. You can glimpse events, look at long or short periods; get an overview or delve into the details.

Sky Log Chart

An exceptional forecasting tool. Gives the big picture of what is happening in the upcoming year and then brings it down to the details. You can look at your life ahead as a coming set of possible events, each one...

Life Progressions Chart

The next chapter in your life story may be the best yet! Inner Growth, Outer Developments. One of astrologer's oldest and most reliable tools for prediction and to describe life development.

Solar Return Chart

Don't let a birthday pass without looking at your personal astrological Solar Return. Find out what themes and life issues are in play for your upcoming year. Otherwise known as the Birthday Report. One of our most popular!

Lunar Return Chart

Voted most useful, most informative and most fun! Begin your month with a careful reading of your personal Lunar Report.

Winning Times Chart

Gives the exact moments when your personal astrological chart indicates your luck will be at a maximum point and your winning potential at its peak.


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