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Cancer Sign - is considered maternal and protective. Cancer is associated with the colour violet and ice blue. The ruling planet is the Moon.

Keywords: Domesticity, sensitivity, tenacity

Metal: Silver

Jewel: Pearl

Cancer Sign is considered a Cardinal, Water Sign.

Cancer Sign - Your Personal Birth Charts

In astrology, your natal chart which is often referred to as birth chart, shows the positions of the planets and astrological houses in the sky at the moment of your birth. Often the description of natal astrology birth chart, birth chart and horoscope chart are the terms used. Here are the charts available for your Cancer Sign.

Astro*Talk Natal Chart

Your Astrological Life Portrait. This astrology profile is one of the most advanced and comprehensive astrological interpretations with no-nonsense descriptions.

Sky Within Chart

A journey through the astrological aspects of your spirit being. Written in a gentle, personal style it is consistently one the the favorites.

Heaven Knows What Chart

A Master Speaks - For and About You! What if you could ask one of the astrology giants of ...

Just for Women Chart

Just for Women... Your astrological chart provides an amazing guidepost to the most important aspect of you. Truly enlightening.

Your Spiritual Path Chart

Keys to the Inner Quest. An understanding of how to enhance your progress toward spiritual maturity through the use of your horoscope chart.

Opportunities Chart

The "perfect job" blurs the line between work and play. It makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning. It satisfies the depths of your soul. It's out there waiting for you. Opportunities can help you find it.

Child*Star Chart

Child*Star helps you instantly attune to how best to guide your child. Strengths, weaknesses, aptitude, and potentials jump off every page from their horoscope chart.

Compatibility Horoscope Charts
For All The Relationships in Your Life

Friends & Lovers Chart

Take a fascinating new look at romantic, family, friendships, and your business relationships too!

Eros - Sexuality & You Chart

When you want to completely focus on your sexual and erotic style and potential this is for you.

Looking Forward
Plan For Success with Astrology Profile Forecasting

In astrology there are a variety of tools and methods to help identify future life themes and changes in your life. Become 'astrologically aware' and take advantage of upcoming opportunities in your life.

Time Line Chart

TimeLine is a powerful forecasting tool. You can glimpse events, look at long or short periods; get an overview or delve into the details.

Sky Log Chart

An exceptional forecasting tool. Gives the big picture of what is happening in the upcoming year and then brings it down to the details. You can look at your life ahead as a coming set of possible events, each one...

Life Progressions Chart

The next chapter in your life story may be the best yet! Inner Growth, Outer Developments. One of astrologer's oldest and most reliable tools for prediction and to describe life development.

Solar Return Chart

Don't let a birthday pass without looking at your personal astrological Solar Return. Find out what themes and life issues are in play for your upcoming year. Otherwise known as the Birthday Report. One of our most popular!

Lunar Return Chart

Voted most useful, most informative and most fun! Begin your month with a careful reading of your personal Lunar Report.

Winning Times Chart

Gives the exact moments when your personal astrological chart indicates your luck will be at a maximum point and your winning potential at its peak.

Astrology Profile and Geographic Astrology

Location, location, location. Your luck, experiences, and the options available to you can vary radically from one geographic location to another.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Chart

Your personal life, your business life, even your spiritual well-being all benefit from your heightened awareness of the influences of geographic location contained within an Astro*Carto*Graphy Report.

Relocation Chart

The World is in your hands... When you use the power of the astrological relocation chart. Discover your own personal power spots in the world.

Cyclo*Carto*Graphy Chart

Windows of Opportunity... As your personal progressions and transits move along it can mean that certain parts of the world open up as unique windows of opportunity...




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